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Department Of Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural engineering is the engineering of agricultural production and processing. Agricultural engineering can play a key role in not only for efficient utilization of costly inputs but also helps in timely operation and reduce physical drudgery with cost, time and labour saving Agricultural Engineering technologies and related equipment and machinery. They can help to increase production , productivity and improve the quality to meet straight quality standards of both domestic as well as international markets. They can help in bringing more area under cultivation with agricultural machinery and mechanization, by efficient water management, irrigation and drainage facilities and conserve soil and water to give maximum production with increased efficiency. Appropriate post-harvest technology, Agricultural Processing and Food Engineering activities will help for better handling, processing, scientific storage, by product utilization and value addition. This in turn would help to increase the profits and facilities establishments of agro processing industries in rural areas. A key goal of this discipline is to improve the efficacy and sustainability of agricultural practices.